Fertilizer Programs

Our healthier lawn care service programs are designed to use fewer fertilizer applications while making your lawn green and healthy. Our goal is to make the most efficient use of our fertilizer applications while developing a turf that’s healthier and naturally resistant to disease, insects and weeds. We use a branded polymer-coated, sulfur-coated urea fertilizer called Poly Plus with over 30 years of proven performance.

How Poly Plus Works

As water enters through the micro-fissures in the polymer coating, a portion of the solid urea core is dissolved (made soluble). This enables nitrogen to move out of the granule through osmosis. As the outer coating continues to dissolve, nutrients are gradually released for as long as 12-16 weeks depending on lawn soil conditions and the growing season. The advantage of Poly Plus fertilizer is that the rate of release is extremely consistent and not affected by soil temperature, soil moisture, precipitation, pH levels, particle size, soil type or microbial activity.

We Recommend the Following 5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Program

1)      Spring – The spring lawn fertilizer application is generally applied in April and combines pre-emergence crabgrass control with fertilizer.

2)      Late Spring – The late spring fertilizer application includes a special mix of liquid herbicide and insecticide targeting weed and grub control. This application provides season long protection against weeds and grub worms. “The Advantage” of this application is that it takes place earlier than most companies to save you the time and money of heavy watering during the hot dry months of mid-summer just to encourage your soil to absorb the treatment.

3)      Early Summer – We apply a slow release Poly Plus coated granular fertilizer, generally in June, to carry your healthy lawn through the final hot months of summer. This enables you to avoid fertilizing in July or August and eliminate all the watering a late summer application would require.

4)      Fall – We apply a slow release Poly Plus coated granular fertilizer, generally in September, to keep your lawn strong and healthy throughout the remainder of the growing season.

5)      Late Fall – This is the final slow release Poly Plus coated granular fertilizer application designed to promote strong root development and promote early spring green-up. This generally takes place in October.