The following article originally appeared in the Spring 2014 Issue of Coralville Connection magazine.

Are You Planning to Aerate or Fertilize Your Yard?

If spring is a time when you aerate and fertilize your yard, consider deep tine aeration and composting, which may be eligible for reimbursement through Coralville’s Stormwater Cost Share Program.

While standard aeration is great for breaking up compacted soil, deep tine aeration creates macro-pores in your soil using tines that are longer than four inches, which provide deep drainage, break through soil layers, and allow your grass to form deeper roots.

Earth & Turf 100 SP Lawn TopdresserTo further improve your lawn’s health, consider “top dressing” by spreading a layer of compost over the top of your aerated lawn. This soil quality restoration process allows your yard to soak up more rain water while the compost feeds the micro communities in your soil, resulting in a green and sustainable lawn.

If you are a Coralville resident or business property owner, the City will contribute half the cost, up to $2,000, to help incorporate water quality practices like these into your landscaping and lawn care. The Stormwater Cost Share Program can also help address situations such as missing topsoil or poor drainage.

You must enroll in this program before completing the work. Please contact Amy Foster, Storm water Coordinator, at 319.248.1720 or Or, visit the City’s booth at the 2014 Greater Iowa City Home builder’s Home Show at the Coralville Marriott on March 7, 8, and 9.

Harbit Landscaping is a qualified contractor with the City of Coralville and can perform the work for you and help ensure you’re properly reimbursed. You can download the enrollment form here: Enrollment Form link