3 Steps to Better Lawn Care

Our team at Harbit Landscaping has been creating better, healthier lawn care programs for many years. We’re experts on grooming durable turf and have been known to revive even some of the most difficult lawn conditions. Much of what we do, though, can be made easier by how you care for your lawn on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. Following is a basic three step process you can follow to keep your lawn in optimal condition.

Proper Mowing

It’s best to mow frequently as this helps to thicken your lawn and improve overall appearance. It also ensures you don’t take off too much length at once which can be stressful to your grass. When you mow, we recommend cutting to 3-4 inches in length and avoid bagging if possible as the cut grass can provide nutrients to your soil.

Control Weeds and Apply Fertilizer3-Step-Lawn-Care-Tips

Even the best soil in the Iowa City area can benefit from the application of fertilizer and weed control. A well fertilized lawn will keep your grass full and healthy throughout the growing season and have it ready to come back strong in the spring.

Aerate Twice Annually

Core Aeration in the spring and fall does a number of very good things to maintain overall lawn health. Aeration can loosen compacted soil to improve fertilizer intake as well as provide a better bed for over-seeding immediately after aeration.

What You Do Matters

We’re always here to help you maintain a vital healthy lawn but what you do when we’re not around makes a big difference to overall lawn health. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined here you’ll be laying the foundation for a green, vibrant lawn that all your neighbors will envy.