Lawn Aeration Services

Our core aeration service allows for better nutrient movement to your lawn and helps to alleviate soil compaction, reduce thatch buildup and promote water penetration to the root zone. Lawn aeration also provides a natural seed bed for over-seeding in the spring and fall. We find that lawn aeration works best when the ground is wet and soft to get a core plug of 2” or more.

While some lawn care service providers will aerate in dry conditions, it’s generally best to wait for more suitable moisture levels to perform core aeration. If the ground is too dry it will result in a core plug that is too shallow and less effective results. We recommend not doing core aeration to your lawn unless conditions allow us to do it in the correct manner to provide you with the greatest benefit.

No Big Equipment Damage

One major difference to the Harbit Landscaping lawn core aeration service is our reluctance to damage your lawn with heavy equipment. We use smaller, walk behind lawn aerators to ensure our equipment won’t harm your grass or put ruts in your yard.